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Taking part in the western development, Valin heavy truck conquered the "northwest highland"

taking part in the western development, Valin heavy truck conquered the "northwest highland"

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Guide: from the offline of the first Valin heavy truck chassis to the launch of the Hanma power engine assembly, there are countless strategic highlands on the road of independent innovation of Valin heavy truck, and the conquest of these highlands has helped the enterprise walk a more solid road of independent innovation. Since its development, the key market areas of Valin heavy truck have been concentrated in East China

from the first Valin heavy truck chassis coming off the production line to the launch of Hanma power engine assembly, there are numerous strategic highlands on the road of independent innovation of Valin heavy truck, and the conquest of these highlands will boost the road of independent innovation of enterprises. This kind of experimental machine is more and more solid as shown by the imitation scale. Since its development, the key market areas of Valin heavy truck have been concentrated in East China, Southeast China, central China and other regions. With the deepening of the western development, the Northwest market will become another strategic highland of Valin heavy truck

a new weapon for the war: "Hanma power" engine

Hanma power is a series of high-performance engine products with completely independent intellectual property rights developed by Valin in conjunction with world-class R & D institutions and scientific research institutes, including cm6d18 and cm6d28 series, with displacement of 9.8l and 11.8l respectively, and power coverage of 199kw-353kw. The engine adopts in-line 6-cylinder, integral cylinder head, four valves, overhead camshaft and rear gear train technology. The high-pressure common rail fuel injection system of Bosch Company is used to place the test pieces. The B10 life of the engine reaches 1million km, which can meet the fourth and fifth national emission standards. It has the potential to upgrade to the sixth national emission standard. It has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, strong power, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and reliability

Hanma power engine put into use on the market

since its launch, Valin's independent engine "Hanma power" has been put into East China, Southwest China, Northwest China and other places for market inspection. This time, the author traveled westward to explore the use of engine users

Ningxia Yuhao Concrete Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the research, promotion and promotion points for the launch of "Hanma power" engine in the market to carry out green logistics, green consumption, green supply chain and other aspects. The company has been using Xingma mixer since 2008. Unlike in the past, the vehicles used in the mixing plant this year are mainly mixing vehicles equipped with Valin's independent engine - "Hanma power", and 10 vehicles are equipped with in cylinder braking technology Ten Han Ma power engine mixers with EGR Technology are about to become star vehicles here. Wangxiaofeng, the head of the company's mixing plant, said that as of the time of the author's interview, the vehicles had been working continuously for more than a month, running 24 hours a day, and the mileage had reached more than 10000 kilometers; The vehicle operation is still normal, and the mixer matching with hammar power is the model that the drivers in the station compete to use

the advantages of vehicle safety and reliability are more prominent

Valin heavy truck has always established a reputation for safety and reliability. While ensuring the vehicle economy, safety and reliability are the technical pursuit of Valin heavy truck for users, which is also an important aspect for more heavy truck users to choose to use Valin heavy truck. The safety and reliability of Valin heavy truck equipped with "Hanma power" engine is more prominent. Jiaxueling, the team leader of Ningxia Yuhao concrete industry company, told the reporter that samt members are entitled to a 20% discount (membership fee: RMB 400/person/year); Lecture teacher: RMB 1300/person; Student: RMB 1300/person (with a valid Student ID card): "the whole vehicle is in good condition, and the driver is not at ease when he first uses it. However, when he comes into contact with it, the overall performance of the vehicle is better than that of his brand of vehicles, especially the engine equipped vehicles with in cylinder braking technology, and the drivers are particularly willing to drive." The driver has the most say in the use of vehicles. In order to confirm the words of the team leader, the author came to the driver's lounge to explore the results of their driving experience

Zhang Bing, the driver, was previously a user of a domestic brand of vehicles. After having the Hamma power model, he began to drive the Hamma power mixer. The vehicle gave him the greatest feeling that the deceleration effect was good. He said: "the performance of the whole vehicle is OK, the power is sufficient, and the cab is comfortable. You don't have to step on the brakes when encountering traffic lights. The deceleration effect is very good."

Zhang Tao, on the other side, has more experience in the braking effect of the vehicle, and is also the most interested driver of the hammar power model. He told that unlike the exhaust brake, which is a passive brake, the engine will stall if you are not careful, the application of in cylinder braking technology has prevented some potential safety hazards on the road, He said: "the in cylinder braking can only be effective if it is opened in advance and the speed is above 1100. When you reach the traffic light intersection, you only need to step lightly to play the braking role."

Fu Yunhua is also a driver of Ningxia Yuhao concrete industry company. He drives a vehicle with EGR Technology. Although he has been driving for nearly ten years, this is also the first time to drive a vehicle with EGR Technology, but he still loves a vehicle with in cylinder braking, He said: "before, I switched with my colleagues to drive a car with in cylinder braking. When I went downhill, I could drive smoothly by slightly stepping on the brake. The braking effect was really good. I was wondering when I could change to a car with in cylinder braking."

Yuhao Hanma power vehicle driver

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