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Improving bank security the particularity of banking business and the high requirements for information security mean that the bank information system needs to be professional and secure. It is understood that in order to create the brand image of the safest bank, ICBC fully launched the counter face recognition project in 215 sites under its jurisdiction in mid July, further enhanced the point's ability to prevent and control the operational risks of counter services such as opening accounts under false names and non personal handling, and provided a more effective guarantee for the safety of customers' funds

several banks have gradually introduced face recognition systems to improve information security.

face recognition is a biometric technology for identity recognition based on human face feature information, which helps tellers efficiently complete the verification of customer ID, improves the accuracy of customer ID authentication, and effectively reduces the difficulty of teller visual recognition, In order to establish the counter enhanced customer identity authentication of joint verification + face recognition + teller manual work, we should also contribute our own modest efforts to the mechanism

the perfect application of face recognition function needs the support of professional intelligent system. Many embedded mainboards of North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. with excellent performance and long-term telephone call back can provide reliable hardware guarantee for face recognition system. At present, they have been used in many aspects in the market

North China has launched a pilot production line industrial control bank face recognition server product scheme

at present, the industrial motherboard emb-3531, which has been successfully listed and widely recognized by the market, is one of the key products launched by North China industrial control to support face recognition system. The products mainly have the following advantages:

1 Rockchip rk3399 chip is used to integrate more bandwidth compression technology with excellent performance. The high-quality chip can make the face recognition system adapt to more diverse detection environments and respond quickly

2. Integrated arm new generation high-end image processor Mali- T860@MP4 GPU, with powerful graphics, image and data processing capabilities

3. The interface is rich, meeting the requirements of a variety of face recognition environments. 2. For field investigation, it has strong external compatibility and high expansibility

4. The product size is only 146mm*105mm, with highly integrated functions and small size, meeting a variety of application environments

the convenience brought by the face recognition technology based on the rockchip rk3399 arm architecture 3.5 industrial board

will drive its wide application in all walks of life, bearing a large amount of market demand. Its application in the banking field can provide it with higher quality security guarantee. North China industrial control will continue to increase its investment in the hardware products of face recognition system, and better serve the market with products, For more product information, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

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