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Shandong should cure urban diseases. High rise residential buildings will be fully decorated in 2017. New high-rise residential buildings in cities divided into districts will be fully decorated in 2017, and new high-rise and small high-rise residential buildings will be built in 2018. Rough houses will be eliminated... Recently, our province issued the "Implementation Opinions on effectively strengthening and improving the management of urban planning and construction", and took many measures to treat "urban diseases" and create a modern city with "affordable jobs and housing". The reporter learned that the island city has made remarkable achievements in transportation construction, reconstruction of old residential areas, construction of small towns, pollution control and other fields

the new high-rise buildings in cities with housing districts will be fully decorated next year

the opinions put forward that in the future, our province will accelerate the transformation of shanty towns and dilapidated houses, and include urban side villages, urban dilapidated houses, organic towns, and coal mining subsidence areas into the scope of shanty towns, and strive to complete the transformation of existing urban shanty towns, urban villages, and urban dilapidated houses by 2020. At the same time, we will comprehensively carry out the comprehensive renovation and reconstruction of old residential quarters, supplement relevant facilities, and follow up property management at the same time. We will complete more than 80% of the renovation tasks by the end of 2018 and fully complete them by the end of 2020

the reporter learned that this year, the island city undertook the national and provincial shanty town reconstruction tasks of 60522 households, and the amount of reconstruction tasks ranked first among the sub provincial cities in the country. By the end of April, 26900 households had signed contracts, achieving 45% of the overall goal, of which 11100 households had chosen to be monetized, and the monetized resettlement rate reached 41%

the Opinions also put forward that the new high-rise residential buildings in cities divided into districts will be fully decorated in 2017, and the blank houses will be eliminated in the new high-rise and small high-rise residential buildings in 2018. In the future, new (reconstructed and expanded) construction projects will be fortified against earthquakes with an intensity of no less than 7 degrees

the traffic center urban area bus stop 500 meters full coverage

the opinions put forward that the urban road traffic planning of our province should implement the concept of "narrow roads, dense road network" and promote the block system. In the future, closed residential quarters and unit yards that can improve traffic microcirculation will be gradually opened to form a road network system with reasonable grading of expressways, primary and secondary trunk roads and branch roads

the staff of Shandong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development said, "the proportion of Road area in the city to urban construction land is not low, but the traffic condition is not good, because the main roads are very wide, occupying a large amount of Road area, the density of urban road network is low, especially the branch roads are too few, and many branch roads are blocked by closed residential communities and unit courtyards, which is not conducive to vehicle circulation."

the opinion also mentioned that the road area ratio of urban built-up areas in our province will reach 18.8%, the average road network density will reach 8.7 km/km2, and the layout of parking lots is reasonable. Cities with more than 1million people in the built-up area will plan to build mass transit systems such as rail transit. According to the opinions, our province will actively build BRT and other BRT Systems. Bus lanes should be designated on urban trunk roads, and a bus lane network should be gradually formed. The central urban area will achieve full coverage of 500 meters of bus stops

how should Qingdao's urban infrastructure be laid out? Jiangdezhi, deputy director of the Municipal Planning Bureau, said that Qingdao will establish a public transport system integrating rail transit, conventional bus, taxi, tourist bus, marine bus and bicycle bus. The bus stops in the central urban area will be covered within 500 meters, and the bus trips in the central urban area will exceed 46%

the opinions on the pilot construction of "sub county-level" small cities in cities and towns put forward that in the future, the new urban area will scientifically arrange production and living land according to the requirements of the integration of industry and city, and build a new urban area with perfect functions, convenient life and beautiful environment. In addition, towns with 75% non-agricultural employment will be cultivated according to the standard of small cities, and strive to cultivate 10 small cities with a population of more than 100000 by 2020, giving county-level governments management authority. For other cities and towns with a population of less than 100000, but with a non-agricultural level of economy and employment of more than 75%, choose to pilot small cities and give Deputy county-level management authority

the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development that according to the urban system planning of Shandong Province (2011-2030) (Draft), the urbanization rate of the permanent resident population in our province will reach about 75% in 2030, and the urban population of Jinan and Qingdao will reach more than 5million, entering the sequence of megacities. A total of 14 towns in Qingdao, including Ligezhuang, Puji, Jiaolai, Longquan, Tianheng, Lancun, Nancun, Xinhe, Mingcun, Jiangshan, nanshau, Dianbu, Wangtai and Boli, have been listed in the list of national key towns and provincial demonstration towns in the province

pollution control: the air quality will be improved by about 50% in 2020

the opinions put forward that our province will vigorously promote the control of Urban Haze, and completely eliminate coal-fired heating boilers that fail to meet the requirements of ultra-low emission standards by the end of 2017. Comprehensively promote the five national standards for vehicle fuel. Increase natural gas supply and increase the proportion of clean energy. By 2020, the ambient air quality in the province will be improved by about 50% compared with that in 2013. Build a number of street parks with appropriate scale, applicable functions and pleasant landscape to achieve the goal of "seeing green at 300 meters and seeing parks at 500 meters" for urban residents. By 2020, districts, cities and built-up areas will realize full collection and treatment of sewage, comprehensively solve the environmental problem of direct discharge of sewage, and the harmless disposal rate of sludge will reach more than 90%

in the field of pollution control, Qingdao has always been at the forefront of the province. The recently held Qingdao environmental protection work conference proposed that during the "13th five year plan" period, Qingdao will implement the strictest environmental protection system and fight the "three campaigns" for the prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution. The objectives and tasks of the city's comprehensive prevention and control of air pollution this year include: completing the ultra-low emission transformation of 40 coal-fired boilers and eliminating 20 coal-fired boilers; 60000 new pipeline gas users in the urban area; Complete the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings of 2million square meters; Add 5000 new energy vehicles; Continue to prevent and control motor vehicle pollution, and complete 180 organic waste gas treatment projects

people can "carry bags into their homes" when they get the keys.

Geng Qinghai, an inspector of Shandong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, said that after people bought rough houses, they had to spend time and effort on decoration, which caused some disharmony between neighbors. In the process of decoration, it will also have a certain impact on the quality. Now, by taking such a measure, we are gradually phasing out rough houses and implementing fine decoration and integration of commercial houses. That is, when the house is handed over, fine decoration has been done, which means that people can carry their bags into their homes when they turn the key. This kind of fine decoration is also widely promoted in some developed countries, especially in high-rise and small high-rise residential buildings. "We are now gradually focusing on pilot projects and promoting them. According to the provincial documents, by 2018, the new high-rise and small high-rise residential buildings in our province will eliminate blank houses and implement full decoration, providing such a good service for the improvement of project quality, the people living in safe houses and high-quality houses."





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