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For small houses, ingenious use of partitions can improve the utilization of space and realize the interaction and exchange of various spaces. 35 bungalows are divided into one room and one hall? It's really not difficult to create a suitable look cheaply. Just look at this netizen and you can do it. Let's take a look at his new home appearance, learn from his stingy decoration experience, and save more money for your future decoration

35 Pingqiao transformation 1 room 1 hall netizens' stingy decoration experience talk


netizens' experience talk: when decorating the kitchen, ordinary ceramic tiles can be used to replace the walls and floors blocked by cabinets. You can calculate. My family uses 1 yuan 1 brick in the cupboard. The cupboard is blocked. I can't see the difference! My hanging cabinet only has 2 sides, not all of them. It's enough

editor's note: this kind of kitchen only considers the function of preparing meals. A few can use movable shelves to make simple dining areas. One of the overall principles of decoration is simplicity. Many netizens like to make hanging cabinets according to the size of the kitchen, resulting in a lot of waste. In fact, some lockers can't be used at all. Therefore, the owner should first calculate his own kitchen supplies, and the lockers can meet the needs. It's the same with making floor cabinets. How long they should be made depends on their own needs

the cabinet body is made by the decoration team, and the door panel is ordered from the outside, 130 yuan/square meter

netizens' experience: my kitchen stove is made by vantage. First, it looks very fashionable on the surface, and second, it is on sale when I buy it. After several times of consideration, I think the function is really good, so I decide. It's easy to control the heat. The basin and faucet were also bought during Moen's preferential package. It's very convenient to use the large and small slots together. It's easy to brush the pot on the left and put the bowl on the right. Moreover, stainless steel basically doesn't need to be taken care of. It's smooth and doesn't touch anything. When I bought it, I also gave these little things like drain blue and soap dispenser

editor's note: due to space constraints, European style smoke machines that are large enough to generate enough suction are slightly redundant, and Chinese style deep type smoke machines are more in line with the requirements of Chinese kitchens, which can not only save money, but also increase lockers and expand storage space. It is enough to use two eye stoves in the small kitchen, and the width is also suitable

the idle chairs at home are used as sofas


netizens' experience: our bookcase, wardrobe, TV cabinet and tea table are all customized. Because this style is quite acceptable, and the price can also be preferential. The idle chair at home was improved into a sofa by me. It's good to sit in the living room while watching TV

editor's note: if you plan to customize furniture, you'd better make a complete plan. All furniture should be customized. Find a reliable manufacturer, select a more environmentally friendly main material, and implement overall customization. In this way, you will find that it will be thousands of yuan cheaper than buying finished products. Some idle furniture at home can also be transformed appropriately, which can be of great use

carpenter's cabinet, cabinet door and furniture are customized together.

netizen experience: the living room and bedroom are separated by glass sliding door, 200 yuan/square meter. White glass is used above for good lighting, and sanding below can cover the bed in the bedroom. All of them can be pulled up to separate them, or they can be pulled to both sides, with light transmission in the middle, or all of them can be moved to the side of the bed to facilitate walking

editor's note: three aspects should be paid attention to in the design of partition: first, the shaping of image. Because the partition is not load-bearing, so the degree of freedom of modeling is very large. When designing, we should pay attention to the unity of height, length, virtual reality and other changes. The second is color matching. The color should be in harmony with the room. Finally, the selection and processing of materials. For small houses, the materials selected for partition should generally be glass or glass bricks with strong permeability, or plants with dense leaves, or curtains and Bogu frames

bedroom 1.5 air conditioners

netizens' experience: the bedroom air conditioner was bought at the special price of the hypermarket. This bedroom bed was chosen because of its great storage function. You can hide many things you don't often use. Because the house is small, it should be used everywhere

editor's note: at present, the biggest headache for housewives is storage. There is no place for many daily things, so storage has become a problem that must be considered. For the bed, it is not only a place to rest, but also a storage function, so as to achieve the best of both worlds, make rational use of effective space, and create a clean environment for the home. In the use of the head of the bed, you can use the external partition for storage, or you can combine the head of the bed with the background wall to increase the storage function, or you can set a space inside the head of the bed, and cover the clutter with a door or push-pull to facilitate the collection of some small items. The storage of the bed may be a function of every bed. Most of them are to lift the bed, or there is space at the bottom to store some bedding, etc., or the pulley drawer at the bottom can put some books and sundries to reflect the cultural atmosphere of the bedroom. On the one hand, it can save space, on the other hand, it is very creative, making the bedroom fashionable

the balcony is sealed and a cabinet is made.

the shower room and Yuba are both bought at special prices.

netizens' experience: most of the bathroom products I buy are special prices. Group shopping is a place I often go. I have to find good things by myself! Yuba I bought OPP 210a, because it's very cheap. The shower room is Roca's, and the tiles were originally intended to be decorated with mosaic. Later, I decided to use the most common white bricks. Usually, the shower room is pulled with curtains, so the tiles are not very important. Saving money is the last word

editor's reminder: in the process of bathroom decoration, the basic principles of saving money: importance, influence, possibility and simplicity of replacement, and whether there are other replacement methods. It is recommended to choose toilet with less than 1000 yuan for small family toilets, because the toilet will be replaced in the future. The most important thing is to use washbasins and bathroom cabinets. Try to buy branded products with guaranteed quality

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